Bobbi Brown, the woman behind the cosmetics empire, admitted she studies Instagram. “Honestly, I get most of my information on Instagram,” the makeup mogul told Cheddar in an interview Tuesday. She, like much of the beauty industry, has seen the power of social media influencers who can make or break new products. “They’re huge - especially the organic ones that are not being paid.” The rise of influencers around the world has also contributed to a shift in the beauty industry towards more diverse products, exemplified by the instant success of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line. Bobbi Brown was one of the few brands that got ahead of this curve early. “From the day I started making foundations...I always made sure I had makeup for all skin colors,” she told Cheddar. “I’m glad the rest of the industry is catching up.” Since leaving Bobbi Brown cosmetics over a year ago, Brown has tried her hand at different businesses from a boutique hotel to a lifestyle blog. Her latest project, health supplement line Evolution_18, will be available on QVC later this month. For the full interview, [click here](

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