Lunar New Year is just around the corner on February 10 so it’s prep time if you celebrate. This year, we are ushering the Year of the Dragon. According to the South China Morning Post, the Dragon “symbolizes power, nobleness, honor, luck, and success in traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon is a supernatural being with o parallel for talent and excellence.” Additionally, the timing coincides with the start of a new 20-year feng shui cycle that is dominated by the element of fire and the number nine.

And every year there’s an element associated with the zodiac sign—this year is wood, so it’s the year of the Wood Dragon. What does that mean exactly? The South China Morning Post says, “wood fuels the element of fire, and thus the quality of the dragon is enhanced. Be prepared for an unpredictable and volatile year ahead. ‘Never a dull moment’ is the phrase for 2024!” That energy can also help you propel you to make decisions or changes that you’ve been stalling on.

There are so many different traditions to celebrate the Lunar New Year, like gathering with family and friends for a meal (with longevity noodles, steamed fish, dumplings, and more); handing out red envelopes filled with money; or heading to a festival or parade.

If you want to bring the celebrations home, many brands are featuring limited-edition products and collaborations to mark the occasion. Take a look at some noteworthy options below and get ready to welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon!

Fly by Jing x Our Place Hot Wok Set

When two fan-favorite AAPI brands do a collaboration for Lunar New Year, you know it’s going to be a good one. This set comes with Our Place’s pre-seasoned carbon steel wok, wok accessories (like a spatula, steamer, cooking chopsticks, and lid), and a limited edition Year of the Dragon Triple Threat Set (Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Chengdu Crunch).

You can buy this product here for $170.

MìLà Pho Flavor Beef Soup Dumplings

Sunset staffers love MìLà’s (formerly XCJ) soup dumplings and sauces—they’re easy to prepare and are totally authentic (like they were homemade!). Just in time for Lunar New Year, the brand has teamed up with Seattle’s oldest pho shop, Phở Bắc, on a limited edition dumpling flavor. They feature a savory beef filling and a comforting, rich broth, and it’s essentially pho in dumpling form (minus the rice noodles). The MìLà team recommends pairing the dumpling with their special dumpling sauce, sriracha, jalapeños, and basil.

You can buy this product here for $45.

Pottery Barn Lunar New Year Lazy Susan

Serve guests in style with this Year of the Dragon lazy Susan. The stoneware piece features an off-white and red glaze decal finish. The dishes are microwave-safe and can be put in the dishwasher, while the bottom tray is hand-wash only.

You can buy this product here for $129.

Sapporo x Tokyo Hiro Limited-Edition Six-Pack

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Sapporo U.S.A. has collaborated with famous tattoo artist and designer Tokyo Hiro on a special six-pack that features his artwork. The packaging and cans feature two dragons and red accents to bring good luck.

You can buy this product here. Pricing varies.

See’s Candies Lunar New Year Gold Coins

Gold coins are a must for Lunar New Year celebrations. See’s Candies has a special box of 50 milk chocolate coins to mark the occasion.

You can buy this product here for $14.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Essential French Oven with Dragon Lid

The classic Staub cast iron cookware gets a Lunar New Year twist with a lid that’s embossed with a dragon.

You can buy this product here for $350.

Lululemon Lunar New Year Crossbody Camera Bag 2L

The color red signifies good fortune and prosperity. So you’ll have a lot of that when you carry around this bold red crossbody bag.

You can buy this product here for $78.

Williams-Sonoma Lunar Dinner Plates, set of 4

These porcelain dinner plates feature gold rims to give your party table a little bit of sparkle. They’re microwavable and dishwasher-safe.

You can buy this product here for $80.

D’USSÉ XO Limited Edition Lunar New Year Gift Box

D’USSÉ Cognac has partnered with Humberto Leon (co-founder of Opening Ceremony, KENZO Creative Director, and Los Angeles restaurateur) on a limited run of red envelopes to go with its Lunar New Year gift set. Leon designed the envelopes, which feature twin dragons and the Chinese character “Fat,” which means “luck” or “richness,” on the front. On the back of the envelope, there are flame emblems and traditional New Year greeting, “Gong Hay Fat Choi.”

You can buy this product here. Pricing varies.

Sugarfina Year of the Dragon 9-Piece Candy Trunk

This trunk comes with a limited-edition dragon charm designed by lifestyle influencer Chérie Chan. Insider there are nine different candies: Good Fortune Truffles, Auspicious Stars, Lucky Mandarins, Lotus Flowers, Gold Pearls, Yuzu Caramels, Prosperous Pineapples, Red Apple Caramels, and Dragon Eggs.

You can buy this product here for $128.

Williams-Sonoma Gold Dragon Goblets, set of 4

Talk about statement glassware—these goblets are it. The glasses featured hand-painted gold dragons that are inspired by vintage Korean art.

You can buy this product here for $108.

World Market Jade Green and Gold Ceramic Dragon Embossed Tea Canister

This dragon-embossed tea canister will keep your leaves and blends fresh.

You can buy this product here for $13.

Eadem The Lunar Glow Set

This set celebrates Eadem co-founder Alice Lin Glover’s Taiwanese-American heritage. It features a cleansing balm, milky serum, moisturizer, and a daily calendar by Taiwanese creative studio Five Metal Shop that is a modern twist on the traditional Chinese almanac.

You can buy this product here for $188.

Crate & Barrel Lunar New Year Lucky Embroidered Napkin

Elegant and simple, this red napkin is embroidered with the Chinese character for luck. The linen material is so soft and lived-in.

You can buy this product here for $13.

Reprise Health Lunar New Year Longevity Set

AAPI-founded wellness brand Reprise Health is making Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible through its line of fruit-flavored gummies. For Lunar New Year they’ve put together a set that features Super Focus Gummies (a blend of ginseng and reishi mushroom for energy) and Goji Berry Gummies (for anti-aging benefits).

You can buy this product here for $45.

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